Waiting Times Management

Imagine being able accurately predict your passenger flows and give your customers a superbly efficient boarding process and a more relaxed travel experience. That’s what our waiting time management system gives you.

By the clever installation and placement of passenger counting sensors and cameras, all with AI features, we can continually monitor passenger flows, and collect anonymous data for automatic analysis. In discussion with you and in cooperation with our partners, we can place sensors and cameras inside vehicles, on platforms and station entrances, for example, which will then give hard data to our system, providing accurate predictions of passenger flows.

This will give you important information on bottlenecks and passenger load. You can use this integration together with the other features that our solution offers and by that ease congestion and even direct passengers to less occupied carriages or station areas. Customised real-time messages can be provided via voice or display, in various languages, and all automatically and with no need for input from operating staff.

Our solution has proven to significantly optimise the boarding process, giving you valuable time efficiencies, as well as ensuring the journey is comfortable and hassle free for your customers.

Waiting Times Management

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