Public Transport Network Solution

If you run a large metropolitan public transport network across more than one city or area, you’ll know how complex it can be to give multimodal passenger information. That’s why we’re here and, as our clients from across the world will tell you, that’s the sort of challenge we relish.

We offer a complete multimodal solution that can handle all mass transportation systems (such as air, metro, train, buses, cableways, monorails or ferries) as well as individual and (micro) mobility-as-a-service transport (MaaS), like car-sharing, paratransit, taxi, or bike/scooter sharing schemes.

No matter the number of transport modes available, because Simpleway is completely hardware neutral we can bring together all of those and integrate various data feeds seamlessly into one easy-to-manage passenger information system.

For the passenger, this means having all the vital information they need to make their journeys smooth and hassle-free. With Simpleway, you will be able to offer your passengers complete schedules and travel times, platform/stops information and real-time vehicle position data for a variety of modes. And you will be able to do all of this via voice and display, in whatever languages you require, automatically across an entire city or region. You can even have these with accessibility features for passengers with hearing or sight difficulties. 

The backend is equally impressive. Using intuitive UIs, Simpleway’s system gives you the power to have an all-in-one Transportation Network Control Centre, with a smaller Subordinate and Backup Control Centres, and for example use CCTV for network safety surveillance or loop in fire/police/ambulance for mass communications. You can assign different operators different permissions and UIs. You can also use your current static display infrastructure for advertising purposes, thereby introducing a potential new revenue stream.

We can tailor our system to suit you perfectly. Whatever your needs, and no matter how complex your situation, Simpleway offers an enormously powerful system which can integrate an unlimited number of data feeds, and all in a completely hardware neutral package.

Public Transport Network Solution

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