Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Our cloud platform Airport CX includes full featured version of our FIDS and CMS. Get started today on the Airport CX website.

Ask most travellers what their first point of call is when they arrive at an airport and they will tell you: it is the information screens. It’s understandable; in an unfamiliar environment, and on a tight schedule, they need to know where to go to get them on their way. So why not have the very best, most up-to-the-second information available for passengers? That’s what you get with Simpleway.

Our software speaks to and integrates with your various operational and flight data feeds seamlessly, meaning your FIDS can be updated instantly and automatically, with information generated directly from your airport's data sources, for example the AODB. Thanks to these integrations, there is no chance of human-error miscommunications. Instead you get the real-time information on your FIDS, throughout your airport, or zoned, depending on your preference.

You can choose to display various content in different languages according to your needs, we have a lot of experience with flight lists, check-in and gate contents, baggage reclaim information or generic safety and emergency messages, of course with a possibility to include our accessibility features related to audio messages. Our consultants will be happy to help you with the content definition during the project design phase.

But up-to-the-second flight information is only the start. We’ve also built into our system the ability to display any type of graphics, be that any static or dynamic video content. So, if you want to display local TV news live, you can. This also opens up a new potential revenue stream for you via our advertising module. Our state-of-the-art Content management system with various types of intuitive graphical user interfaces will help your staff control all events related to your airport's display system.

We value flexibility, and we know our clients do too. That’s why we’ve ensured our system is perfectly adaptable and fully customisable. Want to include a mix of LEDs and LCDs? Or perhaps you need a video wall or e-paper displays. No problem. Our system can be tweaked to whatever specifications you need.

And if you think you’ll have to install new hardware to handle this, you’d be wrong. Our solution is completely hardware-neutral, and our developers have ensured our system integrates perfectly with your existing hardware. This means that you’ll get a whole new FIDS Content management system without expensive hardware installs.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

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