Transit Hub Solution

Whatever type of ground transportation you operate, Simpleway can help and already has a wealth of global multimodal experience working across train and metro stations, bus and tram terminals, or even ferry docks. Flexibility and adaptability are hard baked into the Simpleway system, and we always respect our customers’ processes. And we do that all in one fully hardware neutral package, meaning you don’t need expensive, unnecessary hardware installs to upgrade to our system - we can easily work with your existing passenger information devices.

Passengers in transport hubs need to be offered with a range of information to provide the best travel experience. Be it the latest schedules, real-time vehicle location information or the number of stops they need to travel, we can do that. You can also add additional information, such as nearby points of interest, taxi services availability, bike or car sharing details or Park & Ride capacity information.

Whatever it is, we can integrate many different data inputs, such as scheduling, signalling or GPS data, to ensure you give your passengers the information they need, on the right time. And you can provide all that instantly and automatically, via voice, display or both, and in any language you prefer. Our system also offers important accessibility features (such as sign language, visual paging or hearing loops integration) to ensure that everyone is equally catered for.

Of course, giving passengers information is only the start. It is the backend power, and ease of use, that makes Simpleway a trusted partner with travel hubs across the world. We give you the power to choose what information to present to passengers based on your specific operational processes. Do you need certain information zoned? Perhaps you need particular languages in one area of your terminal but not in another. Or maybe you want to schedule announcements on certain days, or the ability to control the background music. Whatever it is, we will tailor our software so that it fits your needs perfectly.

We take the operator's headaches away with system bulk actions and automatic messaging, we give you the power to quickly override any content when you need to. In case of travel disruptions, for example, your operators can easily switch on any ad-hoc messages according to the predefined scenarios. It is similarly easy to trigger an emergency mode instantly, so your displays and announcements will be directing passengers to evacuation points. While our system works perfectly and automatically, the operators are always in total control. If you need to override the system data or to perform a live announcement from the paging station, it is quick and easy to do. You also have the power to assign different permissions to different operators, have intuitive, easy-to-use user interfaces and a system that continually monitors hardware and alerts you to potential problems before they affect your operations. 

As if that’s not enough, we also give you the potential of using our system as a new revenue stream, thereby offsetting initial system installation costs or when you decide to procure new devices in the future. By using our Advertising module you can use inactive displays to give advertising messages or special offers, meaning shops or service providers in and around your travel hub will be as happy with the system as you are. And, because our system is hardware neutral, you can be sure that this will work perfectly with your current hardware.

Transit Hub Solution

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