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Simpleway has been making travel easier and transport hubs more efficient for more than 15 years.

Our company revolutionized public communication across the transportation industry by providing a unified information platform that processes real-time data provided directly by operators or external data sources and passes it on to passengers using various communication channels. And all in one hardware-neutral package, meaning our software works with any hardware, including your existing public address and display systems.

The story of Simpleway

In 2005, three software developers were building software solutions for big financial institutions but were united by one passion: they knew that passenger information systems within airports were not as effective as they could be. They also knew that they could develop software that would improve passenger announcements immeasurably with some clever programming, thereby making life easier for the traveler and operators.

And so they did it. Working out of a garage and in their spare time, Petr Otoupal, Jakub Maler, and Matej Zachar soon had a market-disrupting solution on their hands.

"It seemed crazy to us," says Petr Otoupal, now the Managing director of Simpleway. "We were all frequent travelers, and it just seemed so obvious that we could improve this. And the more we got to know the industry, the crazier it seemed – the existing software would only work with specific hardware. Why? That meant that if an airport or travel hub wanted to change and improve its software, they were absolutely tied to one particular manufacturer, unless they were prepared to rip out all of their existing hardware, like PA systems or display screens."

Why not have software that would integrate seamlessly with existing hardware? Why not have software that would update display screens and voice announcement systems instantly and simultaneously. And why not build mobile communications into that so that you could message the passenger directly?

"We trialed our new software, and it worked, perfectly and beautifully. With the software built, they formed Simpleway and took it to the place they knew best: Prague's Václav Havel Airport. So well, that Prague Airport became our first customer."

With their first contract under their belts, they could take their unique product to other airports and ground transportation travel hubs.

SImpleway software is now used worldwide, including in some of the world's busiest and best-known travel hubs, such as Dubai International Airport, Calgary Airport, Madrid Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and by Auckland Transport the Kochi and Lucknow Metro in India.

After humble beginnings, with three people in one garage, today Simpleway employs over 50 people with offices worldwide. Headquartered in the heart of Europe and with branch in the USA, the company's fundamentals remain faithful to the founders' vision: to come up with genuinely groundbreaking, innovative products that make travelers' journeys easier and public transport operations better.

From our history

Simpleway established by three humble software developers


First big project awarded - Prague Václav Havel Airport


First foreign project awarded - Vancouver International Airport


US subsidiary established in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Dubai and Madrid airports - two biggest projects so far delivered


First ground transportation project finished - Kochi metro


Complex solution for Wellington railway station delivered


Simpleway CX cloud platform launch


Our people

Petr Otoupal

Managing Director

Matej Zachar

Chief technology officer

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