Passenger Flow Management

Having passengers flow quickly, easily and efficiently through the entire boarding and arrival process is important for maximising your resources, as well as for giving customers a good travel experience. That’s why we include passenger flow management as part of our complex solution.

Integrated with the airport’s resource management system, and by using Bluetooth, CCTV and WiFi analytics, and some cleverly placed sensors we can monitor queue sizes automatically and remotely, so you don’t have to. Whether this is at check-in, or going through security and passport controls, our system can detect bottlenecks and automatically direct passengers to less crowded desks or counters, thereby easing congestion points and speeding up the entire process.

Display and voice messages are used to inform passengers of a less congested desk number, in whichever languages you want, and encourage them to move to areas without large numbers of passengers. We can display estimated waiting times and walking times to the next area, thereby ensuring passengers arrive at their gates with the minimum of fuss.

Of course, operators also have the power of manual control from the dedicated graphical user interface, for example make ad-hoc announcements via a paging station or by using text-to-speech, as well as prepare custom display messages.

Passenger Flow Management

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